PURON R410APuron, R-410a, was developed as a more environmentally friendly alternative to R-22. It is much less ozone depleting than R-22. R-22 is being phased out by the EPA and will become more expensive each year as supplies become more limited. R-410 operates at about 60% higher pressures than R-22. The equipment that operates with R-410a has been designed and built with that in mind. More than 1 million air conditioning units have been sold around the world. New equipment that is being sold will have R-410a or an alternative to R-22 installed into the system. When existing equipment in the home is compatible with the R-410a equipment, that is recommended to be installed or “retrofitted” in the home. AllPro Heating & AC offers many brands of equipment that is sold with the R410a refrigerant. We also service, repair, and support R-410a systems. R-22 and R-410a cannot be installed in each others equipment. The equipment must be designed for the refrigerant. R-22 can be removed from an existing R-22 system and a more environmentally friendly refrigerant installed in it’s place. Ask for Details.